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Our Story

Extreme University

Founded as Extreme University at Xtreme Labs in the summer of 2009 with an inaugural class that included Locationary (acquired by Apple) and Uken Games as a summer tech start-up program to bring great ideas to life. Three cohorts were led by Farhan Thawar and Suresh Bhat that created much momentum and excitement to bring together most of the top VCs in Canada to accelerate the program's offering.

Extreme Startups

In January 2012, ExtremeU evolved into Extreme Startups which was founded by a group of Canada’s leading venture capital firms including Extreme Venture Partners, Business Development Bank of Canada, Reley Ventures, RHO Canada Ventures and OMERS Ventures. They hired seasoned VC/operator Andy Yang & community connector Sunil Sharma as Managing Directors to accelerate two cohorts of five companies per year in two 12-week sessions. Its leading mentor driven model helped position it as top tier accelerator with a great track record for getting companies follow-on funding, but the accelerator model became noisy and commoditized by 2013.

Our Market Driven Evolution

The next evolution started with the appointment of Extreme Startups mentor, investor & digital product entrepreneur Marcus Daniels as the Managing Director who proposed a new market driven vision that focused on an advanced track Accelerator and a Mobile Startup Academy. With the help of Lauren Robinson, they gave portfolio companies an edge by revamping the Accelerator’s educational experiences, connecting them to the New York startup ecosystem, and releasing the foundation for a Mobile Centre of Excellence.

Marcus Daniels
Lauren Robinson

Marcus Daniels

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