Our track record to lead and move fast in both our local community and on the global stage is a direct reflection that we operate just like our startups. Extreme Startups' evolved programming now has three entry points for high-potential founders & ventures.

We are constantly hunting for the best founders and are accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Advanced Track

Extreme Startups' funded companies that are focused on optimizing product-market fit within a 16-week program, and are looking to raise institutional seed financing 6-12mths following graduation.


OCE SmartStart Program

To further accelerate the growth of the next generation of technology companies, Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and Extreme Startups, have partnered to jointly deliver business advisory services, education and seed financing to STEM graduate entrepreneurs via the OCE SmartStart program.


Venture Advisory Track

Companies that have either recently graduated from other accelerator programs or are high-potential ventures on a path to graduate into our Advanced Track program.


Founders Academy

Mentor-driven digital product leadership curriculum for founders working on early stage ideas.