Apple Buys Extreme-backed Locationary

[Canadian Business]

Apple is facing stern competition from market incumbent Google in the online mapping tools market but from now on it is getting help from a Canadian big-data startup, Locationary.

On Friday it was reported by AllThingsD that the Toronto bcompany had been snapped up by Apple for an undisclosed amount. Locationary has created cloud-based data product Saturn, which manages and updates the online information local businesses want customers to have, including, for example, their locations, operating hours, and products offered.

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Financial Post 2013 Demo Day Summary

The Financial Post gave a great summary of our last demo day with profiles of cohort 3.

ShopLocket Partners With


Toronto-based startup ShopLocket wants to enable its users to sell anything, anywhere with an ultra-easy e-commerce platform that pretty much anyone can figure out. So why not let people sell things on their blogs? That’s what ShopLocket hopes to do now, by integrating with WordPress and launching a plugin to enable in-blog e-commerce.
WordPress, of course, powers a cubic buttload of web sites around the world, including the one that you’re reading now.* And no doubt, a number of ShopLocket sellers have blogs of their own, to talk about their products. So it seems like a no-brainer that the two would work together.

Full article here at TechCrunch.