Craig Morantz

Craig Morantz

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Craig, an entrepreneur since he was 15 years old has started and sold a number of businesses. The most recent was the sale of Aware Marketing Group, a promotional product supply company that was recognized by Profit Magazine as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies 5 years in a row. Upon the sale of Aware to Pittsburgh based Leed’s Craig took on the sales and marketing development North America wide playing an integral role in growing the company to $350MM from $120MM over a 5 year period before it was acquired by Amsterdam based Polyconcept.

Craig’s skill set includes sales strategy development, creating and implementing go to market strategies, sales process implementation, customer experience development, negotiating, marketing segmentation & deployment, importing, building engaging cultures, brand development, leadership training, lean manufacturing and financial reporting analysis.

Craig’s passion in business is centered in two areas, creating value and creating the ultimate client experience. Value for the customer and value for the employee are equally as important and are interdependent. Client experience, in Craig’s opinion is the lowest cost but often the missed tactic so many start-ups and tenured companies can’t seem to master. Craig helps companies find the magic of the ultimate customer experience.

Craig is father to Winslowe, an avid scuba diver, wakeboarder, snowboarder and cook.