Mike Serbinis

Mike Serbinis




Mike’s vision for an open, global eReading service was the inspiration for Kobo. In 2008, Mike became the president of Indigo Books & Music’s digital venture Shortcovers, which was spun out of Indigo and rebranded as Kobo in December 2009.

Mike was the founder and chief technology officer of DocSpace, a B2B Web service that enables teams to collaborate in a secure environment from anywhere in the world. In 2000, DocSpace was sold to Critical Path for $580 million, while Michael remained on as the CTO and EVP Marketing. Michael joined the Indigo team in 2006, taking the reigns as EVP and CIO, and grew into his current position as the President of Kobo.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Queens University and a Masters of Science degree in Financial Engineering from the University of Toronto.