Philip Poulidis

Philip Poulidis




Philip is the founder of Morega Systems, a TV Everywhere solutions company which he started in 2007, raising $20M in funding and growing it to over 50 employees with Fortune 500 customers such as DIRECTV, BSkyB and Vodafone. In 2011, Profit Magazine recognized Morega as the second fastest growing Canadian software company with two-year revenue growth of 7919%.

Prior to Morega, Philip held senior level executive positions within the semiconductor, software and telecom industries at Conexant, Intellon, Novell, Tyco and Aliant. With nearly 20 years of high-tech experience under his belt (and the scars to prove it), Philip is well verse in the market dynamics of the telecom, TV and mobile media industry ecosystems.

Philip is active in the start-up tech scene and advises companies in both Silicon Valley and Canada. He lives in Oakville, Canada with his wife Debbie and two wonderful kids.