Three Interrelated Components

A Founder Development Funnel to Institutional Seed

Extreme Startups has three entry & engagement points. Our Advanced Track Cohort that has been already selected, but we are constantly hunting for the best founders, and are accepting applications on a rolling basis.

What we look for

We primarily fund technology-oriented companies with a focus on web or mobile-based software, but we are open to companies in any space with compelling ideas and solutions.  Teams with the best chances of acceptance will present a combination of market knowledge, technical expertise, and a demanding audience hungry for their solution along with founders who aren’t put off by the challenges that launching a successful startup presents.  We are looking for tenacious, fast-moving teams to participate in Extreme Startups.


Advanced Track companies selected will receive up to $60,000 up front and $150,000 upon successfully completing of the program from the BDC.

Global Investor Showcases

We don't believe in the traditional Vanity Demo Day. Great for community excitement & a press release, but most accelerator companies don't end up raising enough capital or lock-in global partnership deals to scale. Our approach is to do investor and strategic partner showcases in key markets starting with Toronto and New York. Companies are not guaranteed a spot to present... they must earn it based on driving real business metrics and be venture ready in the program.

Showcase Timeline


“Extreme Startups pushed my team and I to the limits. They constantly made our team (and the cohort) strive for success through constant and agile iteration, until all aspects of our product were world-class.”

Grant Ritchie
Founder, Locationary

“The mentors are very involved right from the beginning. It made all the difference in the world as we were able take months off of our development cycle while at the same time understand our clients and our markets so much better.”

Katherine Hague
Co-Founder, ShopLocket

“The ecosystem at Extreme Startups is amazing. It is clearly at the leading edge of mobile and web development. The talent circulating in the building is amazing – which meant so much to me and my team as we really did not have that kind of experience at the beginning of our startup.”

Chris Ye
Founder, Uken Games

“Extreme Startups was an incredible experience for ShopLocket. It was exactly what we needed, when we needed it. We learned so much from mentors and advisors we met throughout the program and we still work closely with many of them today. Without Extreme Startups I don’t think we’d be where we are today. We’re growing quickly and have the confidence and support to compete on a global scale.”

Saif Ajani
Founder, Visibli